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Deputy Kanatbek Isaev recognizes his agitators on video

The deputy of Parliament Kanatbek Isaev does not admit his guilt. His lawyer Azizbek Turdaliev said to journalists.

According to him, the case, where his defendant is named, is confidential. Kanatbek Isaev is charged with an attempt to seize power and organize mass riots.

The lawyer stressed that Isaev categorically denies his guilt and claims that, perhaps, he gave money, but to his agitators, when he himself ran for presidency. Azizbek Turdaliev could not explain when Kanatbek Isaev met with people who are on the video, since the deputy himself does not remember it. But he argues, the lawyer emphasized, that these people worked for Kyrgyzstan party.

«As for the people who spoke on the phone, and the audio recordings of these phone conversations, it is not clear why my client is mentioned here. He does not know them, and they did not talk about him, and with him, too, and Kanat Isaev did not call to seize power. It is clear from the video that he gives money, but he does not call to overthrow anyone or organize rallies. It is also not clear within what criminal case was the shooting and the wiretapping done. Who authorized it? GKNB? If not, who brought these records to them?» asked the lawyer and added that if these records are not legal, then the court should not recognize them as evidence.

Kanatbek Isaev is arrested and will be kept in custody until November 30.