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Foreign citizens to be allowed to build and buy housing in Kyrgyzstan

It is proposed to allow foreign citizens to build and buy housing in Kyrgyzstan. Amendments to the Housing Code of the Kyrgyz Republic have been submitted to the Parliament.

The Ministry of Justice recalls: the Code was adopted on July 9, 2013. Article 14 introduced the notion «authorized body for the consent on purchase of housing for foreigners.» «However, the order of giving such consent was not determined. This issue has not been reflected in other regulatory and legal acts. As a result, a legal vacuum has been formed,» the background statement says.

«The system of executive power has no state body dealing with issues of issuing permits for the purchase of housing by foreigners. At the same time, the existence of such a body leads to excessive bureaucracy and becomes a significant barrier for foreigners wishing to live and work in our republic,» the Ministry of Justice noted.

In Kazakhstan, for example, a foreign citizen permanently residing in the republic (having a residence permit) has the right to acquire housing. Similar requirements are in force in Uzbekistan and Belarus.

The bill proposes to ascertain that foreigners and stateless persons have the right to purchase housing in Kyrgyzstan if they have a permanent residence permit or an investment visa in the Kyrgyz Republic.

In this case, the bill proposes to introduce a restriction on the purchase and construction of a housing in the border areas by foreigners, stateless persons and foreign legal entities, because «there is a risk that border areas can become a place for the organization of terrorist and extremist groups.»