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Dmitry Andreyev: Agreement with Centerra allows ecologists to hope for best

«The new agreement of the government of Kyrgyzstan with Centerra company allows ecologists to look to the future with hope,» ecologist, the founder of the Public Fund Eco Demi, Dmitry Andreyev commented on the agreements reached with investors.

According to him, now the main thing in this matter is that the money that the company will allocate for the ecology of Issyk-Kul region to be used as intended. «In this connection, it seems to me that local people, non-governmental organizations, business representatives who know the problems in the region and are ready to offer their interesting projects and solutions should be connected to the issue of distribution of funds,» Dmitry Andreyev said.

«In addition, we hope that with the signing of the agreement the social projects implemented by us with the financial support of Kumtor will be resumed. As you know, by the court’s decision, the accounts of the company have been frozen for more than a year, so the ecological programs in the region had to be suspended,» the ecologist said.

«Now when the parties have come to an agreement, cooperation may continue in the second phase of the Green Point project. We will establish additional points for reception of solid household waste in Issyk-Kul region, together we will think over the logistics,» the ecologist said.

According to him, the problem of wastewater treatment facilities in Issyk-Kul is still very acute in Karakol and Balykchy towns. «Communications are outdated, the system needs to be updated completely, and this requires a lot of money. Without financial injections, the problem can’t be solved radically. At the same time, recent observations are very inspiring,» Dmitry Andreyev said.

«This year, both tourists and local residents noted that Issyk-Kul has become cleaner, there is much less garbage on the lake shore,» the environmentalist added. "We see the results of the effective work of the new governor: he instructs the akims, and those on the ground conduct actions, organize volunteer clean-up. Thanks to the efforts of local authorities, the matter is moving, and we support them in every possible way. It also impresses that young cadres, initiative, ideological, honest, who are ready to do their best for the good of the country, come to the leading posts."