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Officials consider removal of Osh market from Bishkek

«The only optimal solution that once and for all will help to put an end to the spontaneous trade on Osh market is removal of the market from the city,» head of Leninsky district Nurdin Tynayev told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, employees of the district administration, together with representatives of the tax and other services, «daily struggle with spontaneous traders, and their number has really decreased.»

But in the modern cities, especially in metropolitan cities, the capitals of states, the markets inside the city is the thing of the past.

Nurdin Tynaev

«Now we have shopping centers, mega malls are opened, there is a whole network of food stores. Therefore, there is no acute need for markets in the city,» the official said.

«Sooner or later, the question of Osh market removal will arise. Now there are traffic jams around it, since 50 percent of the mini buses are trying to make their route through this market. In the next few years, we will still have to decide the issue, but over time. You understand, this is a very complex, sensitive issue, which will be highly politicized,» said Nurdin Tynaev.