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Businessmen to check whether state fulfills their recommendations

Businessmen decided to check whether the state fulfills their recommendations. The Analytical Center BizExpert, together with its partners, launches work on monitoring and evaluation of previous recommendations of entrepreneurs.

Business representatives believe that their problems, difficulties, and expectations of state policy are not always embodied in some normative legal acts or decisions of the authorities.

Even the decisions taken are not further monitored by the state, how realistic they were and how far they managed to solve the problem and whether they had an impact on the business.

«We often see that from the state side there is a demonstration of some process, but without achieving any results. Business would like that the decisions made by the state to be as effective as possible and indeed eliminate the problems of the business environment. State policy should always take into account the expectations and needs of business. Therefore, the theses, which are set out in the business agenda, are substantive recommendations for future state acts," Ainura Chekirova said.

The business agenda of business began to be developed in October 2016 by the analytical center BizExpert in partnership with the Council for Business Development and Investment under the Government and the leading business associations of the country. The presentation of the document itself with business proposals was held in March 2017.