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Bashkortostan wants to build logistics centers in Kyrgyzstan

Bashkiria wants to build logistics centers in Kyrgyzstan, open production and supply goods. The head of the republic Rustem Khamitov told journalists yesterday.

According to him, two global and important processes in the relations between the two countries are economy and culture.

«We are really very close and we should understand that this kinship should be strengthened in terms of understanding where we are and how we came to these lands. Of course, strengthening such ties will be informal. Formal cooperation is not interesting when there are related and spiritual-cultural ties, then economic interests appear," Rustem Khamitov said.

«We want to implement a number of projects in Kyrgyzstan related to the construction of logistics centers, a number of industries, the delivery of our Bashkir products to Kyrgyzstan. We have a lot of kids from Kyrgyzstan. Today our colleagues participate in the forums in Bishkek. They come to Bishkek from us. We see that a real and interesting cooperation is being established," the head of Bashkiria said.