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South Korea tries Kyrgyz citizens who entered country with fake visas

South Korea tries Kyrgyz citizens who entered the country with fake visas. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

It is noted that on March 31, a court hearing was held in the district court of Changwon city on the case of Kyrgyz citizens, detained by law enforcement authorities of Korea on suspicion of illegal obtaining Korean guest working H-2 visas, intended for the ethnic Koreans.

According to the law enforcement agencies of Korea, our citizens, not being the ethnic Koreans, arrived in Korea with H-2 visas.

On the basis of this it was concluded that Korean entry visas were obtained illegally by submitting knowingly false information and forged documents according to which one of the parents or grandparents of the detainees was allegedly a representative of the Korean nationality.

The Changwon City District Court will complete the case hearing and make a decision at the end of April.

The Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Korea urges its citizens not to succumb to the tricks of swindlers who promise or guarantee obtaining of a visa to Korea. Korean law enforcement authorities are well aware of such frauds with forgery of documents for obtaining a visa. The police are now actively searching and detaining people with illegally obtained visas among the citizens of Kyrgyzstan.