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Visa appoints new regional manager for 17 countries, including Kyrgyzstan

Visa has appointed Christina Dorosh as Senior Vice President, Regional Manager in 17 countries. The company’s press service reported.

Christina Dorosh will lead operations and determine Visa’s strategy in Southeast Europe, the Caucasus, Ukraine and Moldova, and will also continue to manage the company’s business in Central Asia and Azerbaijan.

Christina Dorosh has over 20 years of experience working with leading financial institutions. She joined Visa in 2016, heading the regional product division responsible for Visa’s core card products (debit, credit and premium), loyalty platform development, digital solutions and push payments. Christina also has extensive management experience in Central Asia and the Caucasus.

«As I take greater responsibility for Visa’s business operations, I am eager to work more closely and broadly with our customers and partners to offer even more innovative payment solutions in the region and continue to ensure that money moves quickly, safely and easily through Visa’s innovative network,» Christina Dorosh said.