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Over 100 religious institutions registered in Kyrgyzstan

Over 100 religious educational institutions were registered in Kyrgyzstan. About 90 percent of them work, the expert Nurlan Ismailov said today at a round table briefing dedicated to the National Sustainable Development Strategy for 2013–2017 regarding the reform of state policy in the religious sphere.

According to him, «in the 1990s, young people were sent abroad to get education in the sphere of religion." «But the culture of life and education abroad differs from ours. We know that our country is multinational, and therefore we must educate young people who will teach religion," he said.

Nurlan Ismailov calls the development of a single curriculum in religious institutions one of the ways to solve problems in the sphere of religion.

«Secular subjects such as mathematics, geography, and Kyrgyz language should be introduced into the education system in religious institutions. It is planned to introduce 8 secular subjects in secondary religious schools and 10 subjects - higher educational institutions, where theology is studied," the expert added.