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Ex-official asks President not to escalate situation before Putin's visit

Former chief of staff of the interim government Edil Baisalov asked the President of Kyrgyzstan not to escalate the situation around Omurbek Tekebayev, especially on the eve of Vladimir Putin’s visit to Kyrgyzstan. He posted it on his wall on the social network.

Deputy Omurbek Tekebayev was arrested at Manas airport upon his arrival from OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. He is charged with fraud and taking a bribe of one million dollars in the summer of 2010 for the provision of control over MegaCom company to a Russian businessman Leonid Maevskiy. «The most important thing now — to prevent destabilization," Edil Baisalov said.

There is too much discontent and various social problems in the society, we have enough provocateurs and swindlers who will seek escalation of the situation now and arranging another «revolution». The people of Kyrgyzstan do not need it!

Edil Baisalov

According to Edil Baisalov, Atambayev’s main task is to hold free elections and hand over power but not to stir up the fire.

«All responsible political forces should demand from the authorities to release the MP Tekebayev under house arrest. The escalation of the situation, especially on the eve of Putin’s visit, is simply unacceptable," he stressed.

Baysalov asked the President of Almazbek Atambayev to be prudent and not to aggravate the situation.

«If Tekebayev is guilty, then he will eventually suffer the penalty for it, and that is the will of society to achieve it," Baisalov summed up.

Recall, a criminal case was opened against Omurbek Tekebayev. The Prosecutor General’s Office accuses deputy of corruption and fraud. He was arrested and taken to the State Committee for National Security.