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Kyrgyzstan and Armenia lead in growth of footwear exports to Russia

Kyrgyzstan and Armenia turned out to be leaders in the growth of footwear exports to Russia. Such data follow from an analysis carried out on UN Comtrade platform and according to open statistics.

It is noted that Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Serbia and the USA are among the countries that have significantly increased footwear exports to Russia since 2021, while the largest suppliers of footwear to Russians at year-end 2023 were China, Italy and Turkey.

According to currently available data, the top five footwear suppliers to Russia also included Poland and Latvia with exports of almost $151 and $67 million.

In addition, the top shoe sellers are Lithuania ($59 million), Germany ($57 million), Kyrgyzstan ($37 million), India ($36 million), Armenia ($33 million), Indonesia ($31 million), Thailand ($22 million), Vietnam ($21 million), Austria ($17 million) and Serbia ($16 million).

Among major suppliers, footwear exports from pre-sanctions 2021 to 2023 were increased the most by Armenia — almost 11 times, Kyrgyzstan — 6.53 times and Kazakhstan — 6.49 times.