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New incineration plant to produce electricity and building materials

The new incineration plant will produce electricity and building materials. The Vice Mayor of Bishkek Zhyrgalbek Shamyraliev announced on air of Birinchi Radio.

He noted that the enterprise will process about 1,000 tons of waste per day. Construction will take from 1.5 to 2 years.

«As a result, we will receive electricity, which we lack today. Construction of the plant will relieve load on the HPP to some extent. The enterprise will also produce heat. Other business processes will develop around it. The heat can be used by homes and manufacturers. We will make building materials from production waste. That is a maximum zero waste cycle. In the end about 10 percent of waste will be subject to disposal, and in the future, I hope, we will reach the zero cycle,» Zhyrgalbek Shamyraliev said.

Chinese company will make a $95 million investment, he said.

«This is a preliminary amount, because the processing of 1,000 tons of waste per day is the initial stage. In the subsequent stage, the investor plans to increase the investment and processing up to 3,000 tons. We don’t just call it an incineration plant. In China, it is designated as a research park. Scientific and research work, training of specialists are carried out on its basis. In the future, the Chinese side undertakes to train our specialists. The enterprise will produce 20 megawatts of electricity per hour. In addition, a technology and industry park will be created,» the vice mayor told.

He noted other positive aspects of the project:

  • The landfill problem is radically solved: firstly, the garbage is decontaminated; secondly, the landfill stops growing upwards or wider, does not take over new territories, the destruction process is created.
  • Investment is being imported. The city budget money for construction is not invested; the investor himself will build the plant and create a high-tech scientific facility at his own expense.
  • Import of science and technology, as well as specialists who will be needed in the future. Only one method is used in Kyrgyzstan now — burial. The country will have new discoveries and visions, train specialists in this sphere, and use more efficient technologies.

Zhyrgalbek Shamyraliev added that when the landfill was created in 1974 and transferred to Frunze, the area for waste disposal was 12 hectares. Today it occupies 74 hectares.

In November 2023, the mayor of the city Aibek Dzhunushaliev and the General Director of Junxin Dai Daoguo company signed a framework agreement on cooperation on a facility for the production of electricity based on waste incineration.