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Museum to be opened at landfill in Bishkek

A museum will be opened at a landfill in Bishkek. One of the initiators, environmental activist Aimeerim Tursalieva, told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, a container has already been installed on site. An artist from New York will help develop the concept and design of the museum.

«This will be the history of garbage in our country and the history of the landfill. There will definitely be archival photographs, and the exhibits will be those things that are found in a landfill. When we go to the landfill for work, waste collectors often give us something they found. For example, my colleague Bermet Borubaeva was recently given an interesting lamp; it was brand new, in its packaging. That is, a person bought it, did not use it, and then simply threw it away. This lamp will definitely be presented in the museum. This is how we want to draw people’s attention to the problem of excess consumption,» Aimeerim Tursalieva said.

The museum’s working hours are currently being discussed jointly with the management of the Bishkek Sanitary Landfill. It is located at the barrier gate for the convenience of visitors.

The environmental activist believes that the population will be interested in the new museum.

The opening is scheduled for October 7. This is one of the events of the festival «Understanding the history of pollution — ART PROSPECT & TRASH-5».