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Citizens of Uzbekistan planning to avenge the death of Kamchi Kolbaev detained

Three hired killers illegally crossed the state border of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. The press center of the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan (SCNS) reported.

According to it, the men arrived in Kyrgyzstan to avenge the death of a crime boss Kamchybek Asanbek (Kamchi Kolbaev). It turned out during the arrest that they were involved in the murders of a number of citizens and were wanted.

Their identities have been established; they are citizens of Uzbekistan:

— Karimberdiev Oibek Abbas uulu, 26;

— Rustamov Azamat Shukhratovich, 27;

— Abdulkaffarov Islamkhon Abdusamat uulu, 29.

«During the investigative activities, they gave evidence, since representatives of the criminal world gave them an «order» to avenge the death of Kamchybek Asanbek. The criminals were detained in Bishkek and handed over to law enforcement agencies of Uzbekistan on October 13,» the statement says.

A crime boss Kamchi Kolbaev was eliminated during a special operation in Bishkek. The press center of the SCNS reported that the leader of an organized crime group offered armed resistance and was killed during detention.

A sweep began in Kyrgyzstan after the liquidation of the crime boss. Dozens of people have been detained who, according to investigative authorities, are involved in the criminal activities of Kamchi Kolbaev or sponsored him.

In total, according to official data from the SCNS, more than 40 active members and leaders of the organized crime group were detained during the ongoing investigation.