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Keneshbek Almakuchukov again appointed Director of History Museum

The former director of the History Museum, Keneshbek Almakuchukov, was reinstated by a court decision. Employees of the Ministry of Culture introduced him to the team today.

Before the introduction of the new director, the Acting Head of the museum, Zhyldyz Bakashova, spoke to the staff.

«Thanks to everyone who helped organize the new exposition. You have done a great job. With the experience you now have, you can open a museum anywhere. I am grateful to everyone,» she said.

The return of the ex-director to the post caused a scandal. Part of the team opposed his appointment. The museum staff started chanting «ketsin!» and «we won’t work with him.»

They continued the protest at the director’s office. About 10-15 people demanded to return Zhyldyz Bakashova to the post.

Keneshbek Almakuchukov called on the protesters to return to their working places and stop the protest.

Recall, Keneshbek Almakuchukov was removed from his post in November 2020 in connection with the start of pre-trial proceedings on a tender held in 2018 — an order for the production of uniforms for workers of the museum for its opening scheduled for August 31, 2018. The litigation went on for over a year. As a result, the Bishkek City Court acquitted him and ordered him to be reinstated. However, this decision was not implemented by the former leadership of the Ministry of Culture. In June, Zhyldyz Bakashova was appointed Acting Director of the museum.