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Voting in repeat elections in two constituencies ends in Kyrgyzstan

Voting in repeat elections in two single-mandate constituencies ended in Bishkek.

Following the results of voting in Sverdlovsky and Pervomaisky districts in November 2021, the majority of voters chose «none of the above» option. Therefore, the repeat elections were scheduled.

The number of voters in two constituencies is 219,654. At least 92,587 of them are men, 127,067 are women:

  • In Pervomaisky constituency No. 27 — 113,105 voters with 46,753 men and 64,135 women;
  • In Sverdlovsky constituency No. 29 — 106,549 voters with 44,273 men and 60,438 women.

Number of citizens who came to the polling stations and cast their votes will be announced in the near future, as well as the results of the voting.

Repeat elections were held today in two single-mandate constituencies in Bishkek. A total of 36 candidates (men — 33, women — 3) submitted applications in Pervomaisky constituency No. 27 and 27 of them were registered. A total of 36 candidates (men — 25, women — 11) submitted applications in Sverdlovsky constituency No. 29, and 25 of them were registered.