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EAEU approves schedule for introduction of bottled water labeling

The Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) considered the initiative proposal of Russia and decided to gradually introduce labeling of bottled water in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. Press service of the EEC reported.

The member states independently set the date of introduction and the procedure for labeling by identification means on their territory and notify the EEC of this no later than six months in advance. At the same time, a ban on circulation of unmarked products cannot be introduced earlier than the date set in the list of goods subject to labeling:

  • from December 1, 2021 — for carbonated and noncarbonated natural mineral drinking water;
  • from March 1, 2022 — for other carbonated and noncarbonated mineral drinking and other drinking water.

«The proposed schedule is caused by the need for a phased and comfortable transition of the industry to the introduction of mandatory labeling. The interaction of the national operators of the member countries within the framework of cross-border trade is carried out in the manner prescribed by the basic technological organizational model of the system for labeling of goods by identification means in the EAEU,» the EEC said.

The experiment on labeling of bottled water by identification means was carried out in Russia from April 1, 2020 to June 1, 2021. On July 1 this year, an experiment on the labeling of soft drinks, including bottled water, began in Kazakhstan.