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Japarov addresses Kyrgyzstanis on occasion of anniversary of October events

President Sadyr Japarov made an address to Kyrgyzstanis on the occasion of the first anniversary of the October events of 2020. The text was sent out by the presidential press service.

According to Sadyr Japarov, a year later, different points of view are expressed about the reasons for the October events.

«As you know, last year’s elections to the Parliament were accompanied by serious violations, and the unfairness of this process led to a growth of voter dissatisfaction and, as a result, to the demand to annul the voting results, which, however, was not fulfilled in a timely manner. The wide strata of the population, outraged by this, were forced to overthrow the current government. I will not be mistaken, if I say that this situation was caused by changes in the wording of the Constitution in the form of a transition to a parliamentary-presidential form of government, which did not meet the interests of the state. The 2010 constitution introduced a proportional electoral system, and, unfortunately, elections began to be held on closed lists. This system created a favorable environment for political corruption: the leaders of political parties sold seats on the lists, as a result of which the process of bribery of voters only intensified,» he said.

This corrupt «policy» spread further: the Parliament, which had the right to form the country’s government, began distributing ministerial seats, thereby depriving the entire executive branch of the power to act independently. There was virtually no accountability to the people.

Sadyr Japarov

He recalled that the Parliament and the government at that time accused each other, while the president pretended that nothing was happening. Not a single branch of government, in the opinion of the head of state, and all of them, meanwhile, did not want to take responsibility upon themselves, and the payment for this was the threat to their common legitimacy.

«At the same time, the basic principle of the first article of the Constitution was grossly violated: the people of the Kyrgyz Republic are the bearers of sovereignty and the only source of state power. Thus, the interaction between people and institutions of power decreased, and discontent increased. Political parties did not try to solve the problems of certain strata of society, but pursued the interests of their leaders only. Such an unjust system was bound to collapse sooner or later. The ultimate and main goal of the people was to overthrow the irresponsible government, created on the basis of the Constitution that was in force at that time,» he said.

The growth of corruption in the context of the pandemic caused indignation of the population, and the government finally lost confidence.

Sadyr Japarov

According to him, in those difficult days, the enemies of Kyrgyzstan were anticipating, and friends were afraid that civil strife would break out and the state would collapse. However, our wise people have shown that they are above such political speculations and provocations.

The President emphasized that there were victims of clashes with the forces of law and order on the night of October 5-6, and expressed condolences to the family of the deceased Umutbek Altynbek uulu and those injured in the events.

«We managed to stabilize the situation within the framework of the law and preserve peace and tranquility in the republic. At the request of the people, the previous government resigned, and a new government was formed in accordance with the Constitution. Undoubtedly, this is one of the turning points in the modern history of Kyrgyzstan, and our victory was a win for all our people. A genuinely popular power restored political and social stability in the country in a short time. Ludicrous speculations that the new government of the Kyrgyz Republic will not be recognized by the international community have been refuted. All international obligations, previous bilateral and multilateral agreements are being fully implemented,» he said.

According to Sadyr Japarov, the most important thing is that the Kyrgyzstanis have once again proved that, despite various political events and the intrigues of provocative forces, they prioritize their unity and stability in the state.

«After the memorable October events, our republic found itself in a difficult political and socio-economic situation, because the previous revolutions in independent Kyrgyzstan became a great lesson for all of us, showing that only the people’s democratic power will allow us to remain a nation and strengthen our independence. It became clear that only the rule of law, responsibility, openness and, most importantly, justice can restore public confidence and guarantee the unity and development of Kyrgyzstan. Our homeland has every opportunity to become a prosperous state. Accordingly, Kyrgyzstanis have every right to a dignified life. We will not deviate from our path aimed at improving the living standards of millions of people and building a just society! May the sky over our country always be clear, our multinational people — united, and our beloved country thriving!» he added.

«As a person who came to power with people’s support, I took on a great responsibility. Thus, I made it my main goal to serve the people, relying on them and believing in them,» the head of state said.

At least 1,221 people have been injured during the riots in the capital on the night of October 6, 2020. 19-year-old Umutbek Altynbek uulu was killed.

The situation in the state gradually stabilized. However, the events of October 5-6 have not yet received an official assessment.