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Sadyr Japarov transfers his house to State Mortgage Company

The family of Sadyr Japarov transferred a residential building in Bishkek, where the head of state himself had previously lived, to the State Mortgage Company JSC on a gratuitous basis. Presidential press service reported.

Sadyr Japarov personally handed over the documents for the transferred residential building and acquainted Aida Tologonova, the Chairwoman of the Board of State Mortgage Company JSC, with the parameters of real estate. According to the president, his family acquired this house back in 2005. Later in the 2010, after moving to another location, the house functioned as a kindergarten. The head of state noted that the purpose of his action is to improve the individual housing market, thereby helping the State Mortgage Company JSC with providing those in need with housing within the framework of the new state housing program «My House 2021-2026».

Sadyr Japarov reminded that a completely new mortgage program has been launched, thanks to which public sector employees will be given a loan at a rate of 4 percent per annum for the purchase of finished housing.

In addition, other categories of citizens also have the opportunity to buy ready-made housing under this program without down payment, as it was before — 30 percent of the basic cost of the acquired real estate.

Through his campaign, we would like to call on Kyrgyzstanis with financial capabilities to help those who really need housing.

Sadyr Japarov

«Everyone knows that many people go to work abroad in order to earn money for housing. Therefore, it was decided to change the mortgage lending program in order to facilitate the conditions and make it actually accessible to all citizens, regardless of the type of activity,» Sadyr Japarov said.

The President said that if the State Mortgage Company JSC decides to put up this residential building for auction, then for this money it will be possible to provide 10 families with apartments within the framework of the program on preferential mortgage. In addition, the head of state focused on the fact that any help coming from citizens in the form of money, real estate is under the control of the state and this issue is as open and transparent as possible. The real estate confiscated from persons convicted of corruption will also be transferred to the balance sheet of the State Mortgage Company JSC.