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Association of Oil Traders: Duty-free gasoline to be enough until October

According to the current rates of import and consumption, the volumes of motor gasoline will be enough to provide the republic until approximately the end of October 2021. The Association of Oil Traders reported.

The organization reminded that within the framework of the agreement between the governments of Kyrgyzstan and Russia on the supply of oil and oil products, the indicative balance for 2021 provides for duty-free supplies of oil products from Russia in the following volumes: gasoline — 460,000 tonnes, diesel fuel — 485,000 tonnes, aviation fuel — 100,000 tonnes, oil — 50,000 tonnes. The Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation has confirmed that 398,000 tonnes of gasoline have been supplied to Kyrgyzstan.

«Previously, the volumes of imported gasoline were indicated with carry-over volumes under contracts concluded in December 2020, but delivered in January 2021. Oil traders fully cover the needs of the republic in fuels and lubricants, thereby fulfilling their main task of providing Kyrgyzstan with oil products, while avoiding any shortages,» the statement says.