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Russian blogger Ilya Varlamov makes another video about Kyrgyzstan

A well-known in Russia blogger Ilya Varlamov shot another video about Kyrgyzstan. The video was posted on YouTube.

He notes that since the collapse of the USSR, three presidents have been overthrown in Kyrgyzstan, but this has not helped to achieve prosperity.

«Kyrgyzstan is a Central Asian democracy in the midst of mountains and authoritarian regimes. Clannishness, corruption and poverty here border on free elections, a multi-party system and nostalgia for the USSR. This country is also one big nature reserve. In the video you will learn how independent Kyrgyzstan lives, why its residents love Vladimir Putin so much and where they get their passion for protests,» description to the video says.

Ilya Varlamov once again visited Kyrgyzstan in July. He has been to Osh, returned from the southern capital to Bishkek by car, made an enthusiastic comment about nature and people on his Instagram.