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Sadyr Japarov lays capsule at construction site of new Bala-Saruu HPP

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov made a working trip to Talas region. According to the presidential press service, he laid a capsule at the construction site of a new Bala -Saruu hydropower plant at the Kirov water reservoir.

The head of state was informed that implementation of the project for the construction of Bala-Saruu hydropower plant at the downstream of the Kirov reservoir has been started with the assistance of the Ministry of Energy and Industry, National Holding Company OJSC and Chakan HPP OJSC.

In accordance with the developed roadmap, the project should be completed in December 2022.

This hydropower plant will allow the most efficient use of the hydropower resources of the Kirov reservoir, which were not previously used.

The project involves construction of a hydropower plant with three generators with a total capacity of 25 megawatts with an average annual electricity generation of 92 million kilowatt-hours.

The volume of required funding sources, according to the developed feasibility study, is $ 22.9 million. According to the press service, the issue of the source of funding is being resolved with the Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund and is in an advanced phase.

The new hydropower plant will create a favorable and reliable operating mode for electrical networks.

Sadyr Japarov stressed that the state pays special attention to the development of the energy sector, since it is the basis of the economy and one of the key industries that contribute to improving the living conditions of the population.

«Our main task is to build new hydropower plants and develop the economy, while preserving the environment and passing it on to future generations. Ensuring energy independence and security is one of the main goals to date. Currently, special attention is paid to the development of renewable energy sources, including the construction of small hydropower plants. It is gratifying, of course, that small hydroelectric power plants are being built in the regions of the country through the efforts of our patriotic and experienced citizens, who contribute to the development of this industry,» Sadyr Japarov said.

According to him, implementation of large-scale industry projects is one of the important steps into the future. He expressed confidence that the construction of Bala-Saruu hydropower plant will give a great impetus to increasing state generating capacities, as well as create favorable conditions for the socio-economic development of Kyrgyzstan.

The operating mode of this hydropower plant will be synchronized with the irrigation mode of the Kirov reservoir. Modern equipment will be installed there using the latest technologies, mechanical equipment of the dam will be modernized, the latest systems for recording the volume of water entering and leaving the reservoir will be installed.

All this will make it possible to use the accumulated volume of water for irrigation.

According to the president, the design and construction of new hydropower plants, installation work will be carried out by domestic companies.

During implementation of this project, the generated electricity will be sold, and the proceeds will be used to cover financial obligations. Thus, there will be no burden on the state budget.

Bala-Saruu HPP will become the state locomotive of small hydropower industry in the republic.

Sadyr Japarov instructed the relevant state bodies to pay special attention to priorities and take timely, effective measures to resolve construction issues. The Ministry of Energy and Industry is responsible for the complete, successful and quality implementation of the project.

The head of state said that a project for launching the second hydroelectric unit of Kambarata HPP-2, modernization of Toktogul and At-Bashi HPPs, projects for construction of small HPPs at the Papan, Orto-Tokoi, Tort-Kul reservoirs, as well as projects for the construction of Kambarata HPP-1 and Kara -Kul hydropower plant are being developed.

According to Sadyr Japarov, implementation of these projects will strengthen the country’s energy security, provide electricity to all citizens, and also fulfill the obligations assumed by the Kyrgyz side under international agreements in the field of electricity supply.