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At least 55 percent of Kyrgyzstanis consider relations with Tajikistan as bad

Forty percent of Kyrgyzstanis assess relations with Russia as very good. Such data are presented in a survey by SIAR Research and Consulting, which was conducted by the Center for Insights in Survey Research of the International Republican Institute (IRI).

Other 52 percent believe that the relationship is, in some way, good, only 5 percent think it is bad to some extent.

Some 60 percent of the total number of respondents believe that relations with Turkey are quite good, and 33 percent — very good.

As for Kazakhstan, 62 percent of respondents believe that the relationship can be classified as good, 22 percent — very good.

Seventeen percent of survey participants noted that cooperation with Uzbekistan is progressing very well. At least 66 percent tend to believe that the relationship is well in some way.

Four percent of respondents believe that cooperation with the United States is progressing very poorly. Some 38 percent assessed it as neither good nor bad. At least 28 percent stress that relations with the European Union are not developing in any way, and 26 percent also characterize relations with China in the same way, 33 percent — with Japan.

At least 55 percent of Kyrgyzstanis consider relations with Tajikistan as bad. Some 51 percent of the respondents are not satisfied with the way how the Kyrgyz authorities continue to build interaction with this country. Only 1 percent think that relations with Tajikistan are developing well.

At least 38 percent of respondents are very satisfied with cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

Earlier, SIAR Research and Consulting did not conduct surveys to find out the attitude of the Kyrgyzstanis towards certain states and how they assess the cooperation of Kyrgyzstan with other countries.