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Price surge, unemployment, corruption: Kyrgyzstanis name most serious problems

High prices, unemployment and corruption — Kyrgyzstanis consider these problems as the most serious in the country. Such data are presented in a survey by SIAR Research and Consulting, which was conducted by the Center for Insights in Survey Research of the International Republican Institute (IRI).

The survey covered 1,211 Kyrgyzstanis aged 18 and over.

At least 65 percent of the respondents consider high prices / subsistence expenses to be the most serious problem in the country. Some 57 percent also named unemployment, 52 percent — corruption, and 49 percent — coronavirus.

Water supply (27 percent), poverty (24 percent), health care (23 percent) and migration (20 percent) were also named among the main problems.

At the same time, more than half of the respondents (62 percent) still believe that our country is heading in the right direction.

It should be noted that the share of those who doubt the correctness of the path is growing. In February-March 2021, only 25 percent of the respondents believed that «the country is going in the wrong direction,» this figure already reached 34 percent in July.