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Eight departments to have right to inspect business in Kyrgyzstan (list)

It is proposed to approve a single list of authorized bodies entitled to conduct inspections of business entities. The Ministry of Economy and Finance of Kyrgyzstan submitted amendments to the relevant bill for public discussion.

The ministry notes that a list of regulatory bodies was previously approved. But in connection with changes in the structure of the Government, the functions of control and supervision of state regulatory bodies were transferred to state executive bodies. Therefore, it became necessary to create a new list.

In addition, a rule is established, according to which authorized bodies entitled to conduct inspections of business entities must combine strategic plans, as well as annual or quarterly plans of inspections. They will act as one designated entity for business inspections.

The following government departments will get the right to conduct inspections of business:

  1. Ministry of Economy and Finance.
  2. Ministry of Energy and Industry.
  3. Ministry of Health and Social Development.
  4. Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Regional Development.
  5. Ministry of Emergency Situations.
  6. Ministry of Transport and Communications.
  7. State Committee for Ecology and Climate.
  8. State Agency for Architecture, Construction, Housing and Utility Services.