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2,094 children contract COVID-19, community-acquired pneumonia in Kyrgyzstan

At least 2,094 children have contracted COVID-19, community-acquired pneumonia and received treatment in hospitals of Kyrgyzstan since March 2020. Aina Dzhetybaeva, head physician of the National Center for Maternity and Childhood Welfare, said at a briefing.

According to her, six deaths were registered among children during this period.

The majority of cases were registered in children from 5 to 15 years old — 759 (or 36.2 percent), 1-4 years old — 624 (or 29.8 percent), 16-18 years old — 400 (or 19.2 percent). The disease has also been reported in 311 children under 12 months old.

Aina Dzhetybaeva noted that 24 percent of children were in a state of moderate severity, 16.5 percent — in a serious state, and 1.7 percent — in an extremely grave state. Complications of the disease were detected in 37.5 percent of cases.