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Turkish citizen shoots at Kyrgyzstani in Bishkek

Citizen of Turkey shot a citizen of Kyrgyzstan in the chest in Beta Stores 2 building in Bishkek. Own sources in law enforcement agencies told 24.kg news agency.

According to them, information was received on July 21 at about 14.40 that a man received a gunshot wound in Beta Stores 2 shopping center on Yunusaliev Street.

Upon arrival at the scene, the police officers seized a traumatic pistol, one rubber bullet and a shell in the prayer room of the building.

In the statement, the victim, 29, resident of Bishkek, citizen of Kyrgyzstan, indicated that a barely known citizen of Turkey, 46, invited him to the Beta Stores 2 shopping center. There he had a verbal skirmish with the citizen of Turkey in the prayer room, who shot him in the chest and fled.

The Kyrgyzstani also indicated that he had previously met with him five or six times on business issues.

He was hospitalized at the National Surgical Center with a non-penetrating gunshot wound to the chest.

The fact was registered under Article 266 of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic. Pre-trial proceedings have begun. All necessary examinations have been commissioned. An investigation is underway.

According to preliminary data, the Turkish citizen is a friend of Orhan Inandi, director of Sapat international educational institution, who was abducted in Bishkek, and a former chief accountant of Sapat.