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Eduard Kubatov awarded Golden Order for climbing Mount Everest

The National Olympic Committee of Kyrgyzstan awarded a mountaineer Eduard Kubatov with the Golden Order for climbing Mount Everest. Eduard Kubatov himself posted on Facebook page.

«The Golden Order is the highest award of the country’s Olympic Committee for climbing Mount Everest. I am grateful to the Executive Committee of the National Olympic Committee for such a high and incredibly valuable attention to me,» he wrote.

The citizen of Kyrgyzstan Eduard Kubatov conquered the highest peak on the Earth — Mount Everest on May 23. He is 49 years old. Eduard is retired lieutenant colonel of the special services. He is fond of mountaineering. On February 3, 2013, a mountaineering expedition, in which he was a member, planted the flag of Kyrgyzstan on Mount Aconcagua in South America.

Eduard Kubatov is the second Kyrgyzstani who managed to conquer Everest. The first was Dmitry Grekov in 1997.