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Sadyr Japarov's meeting with business: What president entrusts to officials

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov signed an order to ensure fulfillment of instructions following a meeting with the business community on June 23. Presidential press service reported.

According to the document, the heads of ministries and departments, plenipotentiary representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers in the regions, heads of local state administrations are instructed to ensure implementation of the president’s instructions, voiced during a meeting with entrepreneurs.

For non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the order, they may be brought to disciplinary responsibility.

What Sadyr Japarov entrusts to officials:

  • To actively work on the development of public-private partnership, to ensure preparation and implementation of at least five PPP projects by ministries together with entrepreneurs with the effective use of state reserves;
  • To consider the projects of BADC program (Business Algorithm for Development of the Country), developed by the business community, the Entrepreneurial Code and submit proposals for their implementation;
  • To develop a program to support entrepreneurship, providing for the reduction of government intervention in the economy and creation of favorable, fair conditions;
  • Within the framework of the inventory of regulatory legal acts, eliminate the existing contradictions in all legal acts that impede the activities of entrepreneurs;
  • To develop and implement an action plan aimed at reducing the shadow economy;
  • To develop and introduce a mechanism to strengthen the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs and investors. Carry out work to attract investors and create favorable conditions for them;
  • To form a special council for the protection of entrepreneurs and investors under the president;
  • To prepare proposals for the implementation of the principle of Unified Investigation Body for Economic Crimes;
  • To consider decriminalization of economic crimes and misconduct within the framework of the developed variants of the Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • To develop and implement mechanisms to eliminate unreasonable checks of entrepreneurs by state bodies, strengthen interaction between state bodies and entrepreneurs, as well as the responsibility of state bodies, employees that create obstacles to entrepreneurs;
  • To facilitate the procedure for obtaining permits by entrepreneurs, amend the relevant regulatory legal acts and reduce the time for issuing and considering permits and certificates by 50 percent;
  • To spread information through the media about entrepreneurs doing bona fide business in the Kyrgyz Republic, about state support for such entrepreneurs, as well as about the procedures for doing business and preparing business projects;
  • For the development of small hydropower plants, as soon as possible, to set a tariff price, ensure guaranteed purchase of generated electricity, sign appropriate agreements with the owners of small hydropower plants;
  • To implement at least five projects prepared by entrepreneurs for construction of small hydropower plants, promptly resolve issues of land transformation, granting of preferential loans, obtaining permits, concluding contracts;
  • To ensure resumption of the work of at least five idle enterprises in each region, create for entrepreneurs at least five industrial, agro-industrial parks, sectoral clusters with solution of infrastructure, water, electricity, land transformation and other administrative issues and at least one consulting center;
  • To support the initiatives of entrepreneurs to create additional jobs, promptly solve problems that hinder their development, introduce mechanisms to stimulate them;
  • To simplify the procedures for land transformation, in case of misuse or non-use of land within two years after transformation, automatically cancel the decision on transformation and ensure the transition of land to the original category and to amend the relevant regulatory legal acts for the purpose;
  • To introduce mechanisms to improve the use of water resources;
  • To consider the issue of increasing the period of use of pasture lands for tourism activities from 5 to 20 years (taking into account the observance of environmental standards), to make appropriate changes to the regulatory legal acts;
  • To implement in each region at least five projects in the field of tourism, spread information about objects in the field of tourism, natural areas through the media abroad and within the country;
  • To radically revise the state policy for the development of tourism and make proposals for its improvement;
  • To revise the size of the tax on real estate in the tourism sector during the coronavirus pandemic;
  • To provide financial support to entrepreneurs (soft loans);
  • To take full advantage of the possibility of exemption from customs duties in accordance with the decision of the Eurasian Economic Commission (dated November 27, 2009 No. 130) in relation to raw materials and materials imported from third countries for implementation of an investment project, immediately make appropriate changes to regulatory legal acts;
  • To improve the mechanism for the return and refund of value added tax (VAT) to domestic producers when exporting goods;
  • To improve trading instruments (tariff, non-tariff, technical regulation, protection of the domestic market) to protect domestic manufacturing enterprises, including introduction of a mechanism to extend the time limits for the introduction of temporary restrictions on the export of goods;
  • To carry out work to attract investors for sale of bankrupt enterprises, including the Kyrgyz-Chinese Paper Mill OJSC — bankrupt;
  • To analyze the problems of entrepreneurs and exporters and actively work to solve them;
  • To develop and implement a roadmap for the development of the country’s transport and logistics potential;
  • To fundamentally reform the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • To prevent evasion of tax and customs payments when importing goods and their use in the domestic market, introduce mechanisms to determine such actions, carry out active work to take tough measures against government officials, law enforcement agencies and entrepreneurs involved in such a conspiracy;
  • To revise the concept of free economic zones;
  • To create new trade and logistics centers, provide them and the existing centers with state support, actively work to solve their problems;
  • To create favorable conditions for the production of medicines and medical devices in Kyrgyzstan;
  • To carry out work to open Baimak checkpoint at the Kyrgyz-Uzbek state border.

Sadyr Japarov had previously warned that officials risk to get into prison for sabotage and bureaucratic delays.