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Health Ministry names main reasons for increase in COVID-19 incidence

At least 1,965 new cases of COVID-19 and community-acquired pneumonia were detected for 24 hours in Kyrgyzstan. The number of new cases of coronavirus as of June 30 is the highest since the beginning of the pandemic. The Ministry of Health and Social Development of Kyrgyzstan named the main reasons for the surge.

According to it, experts associate the increase in the incidence, firstly, with the emergence of new mutated strains (South African, British, Russian), and secondly, with «fatigue» of people with all types of restrictions and, as a consequence, total non-compliance by the population with prevention rules (wearing of masks, hygiene and physical distance). The third reason is the low social responsibility of the population.

In addition, the incidence increase is also associated with higher availability of laboratory diagnostics, increased early detection and timely anti-epidemic measures.

The ministry noted that 1,852 out of 1,965 cases are laboratory-confirmed. «For comparison, in July last year, only 20-30 percent of cases of the disease were confirmed by laboratory means, the rest — on the basis of a clinical and epidemiological signs. About 1,000-2,000 tests were conducted per day last year, now — up to 8,000,» the ministry stressed.