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Bishkek City Hall explains sharp increase in COVID-19 incidence

Vice Mayor of Bishkek Victoria Mozgacheva explained to 24.kg news agency a sharp increase in the incidence of COVID-19.

According to her, the incidence in the capital is stable — 500-600 new cases per day. «Moreover, the most in the statistical data are nonresident citizens plus asymptomatic carriers of the virus. The figure is higher today, because private laboratories provided the data for three days at once. All these cases were included into today’s statistics. There is no surge in the city,» Victoria Mozgacheva told.

She noted that the number of hospitalized daily is standard — 65-70 people per day. The rest are treated outpatiently, they have a mild form of the disease. «According to the last protocol, intravenous infusions are practically not used. Patients are treated with the help of pills,» the Vice Mayor explained.

Victoria Mozgacheva added that earlier people were afraid of PCR testing because of prejudice. Now they go to laboratory as soon as feel mild symptoms (coughing, sneezing). This also has an impact on the statistical data.

The situation in the city is tense, but stable. We should not relax. It is necessary to wear masks and observe quarantine, if it is prescribed.

Victoria Mozgacheva

At least 1,965 cases of community-acquired pneumonia and COVID-19 have been registered over the past day in Kyrgyzstan, including 1,490 cases in Bishkek.