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Third wave of COVID-19: Officials of Bishkek City Hall reprimanded

Officials of the capital’s City Hall were reprimanded for the situation with growing incidence of COVID-19 and community-acquired pneumonia in Bishkek. Press service of the City Hall reported.

Taking into account the unfavorable epidemiological situation in the capital and for the insufficient organization of measures to prevent and combat the epidemic, the following officials were reprimanded and admonished:

  • Vice Mayor of Bishkek for Social Affairs Victoria Mozgacheva;
  • Vice Mayor Ruslanbek Akylbekov — for insufficient control over the observance of sanitary and epidemiological rules in public transport;
  • The heads of the administrative districts — members of commission Marat Osmonov, Daniyar Arpachiev, Maksat Nusuvaliev and Bakhtiyar Karamshakov.

It was instructed to consider disciplinary responsibility of the following leaders involved in the fight against COVID-19:

  • Taalaigul Temirkanova, head of the Social Department of the Central Office of the Bishkek City Hall;
  • Baktygul Ismailova, the head of the City Healthcare Department of the City Hall, Deputy Chairperson of the City Headquarters;
  • Meder Amangeldiev, the head of the Sanitary and Ecological Inspection of the City Hall;
  • Elmira Imanalieva, head of the Education Department of the City Hall;
  • Mairam Mambetova, head of the Social Development Department of the City Hall;
  • Emil Unkuev, Deputy Head of the Department of Urban Transport of the City Hall.

Acting mayor Baktybek Kudaibergenov made such a decision after hearing a report on the work of the City Emergency Anti-Epidemic and Anti-Epizootic Commission. The acting mayor noted the personal responsibility and repeated warnings of the chairman, deputies and members of the state commission on prevention of the further spread of coronavirus infection in the capital.

He urged to step up work to prevent mass gathering of citizens, to carry out raids, to conduct explanatory work among public transport passengers about the requirement to wear masks, use of antiseptics, among drivers — about disinfection of public transport and explanation of the need to prevent full occupancy of the cabin by passengers.

The Sanitary and Ecological Inspection and the City Transport Department were instructed to carry out measures to detect violators of sanitary and epidemiological requirements among business entities: cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, markets and others.

To step up an information campaign among the population on the need to comply with sanitary rules, as well as to provide on a daily basis operational information on measures to combat coronavirus infection.

The City Hall reminded that mass events are prohibited in Bishkek.

«The City Hall urges everyone to comply with all safety precautions, sanitary and epidemiological standards and requirements: wear masks, keep social distance, use antiseptics, wash hands more often and ventilate the premises. There are many asymptomatic carriers of the infection in the city who, without knowing it, infect the others,» the City Hall added.

At least 1,490 new cases of COVID-19 and community-acquired pneumonia were registered in Bishkek for 24 hours.