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Surge in number of calls to ambulance service registered in Bishkek

The head of the Center for Emergency Medicine Iskender Shayakhmetov told 24.kg news agency that there are enough places in hospitals for people infected with coronavirus so far.

According to him, there is a surge in pneumonia cases. People are hospitalized with oxygen saturation of 91 and below. The day before, 50 beds were deployed at the Narcology Center. Day patient hospitals are working.

«But there are a lot of incoming calls, and their number is increasing every day. We are coping so far. We urge people to help us — to avoid crowded places, wear masks and wash hands,» Iskender Shayakhmetov said.

Officials admitted earlier that the third wave of coronavirus had begun in the country. At least 118,981 cases of community-acquired pneumonia and COVID-19 have been registered in the republic since March 2020.