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It is breathtaking. What Toktogul water reservoir looks like today

During a press tour to Toktogul water reservoir, the Energy Minister Doskul Bekmurzaev said that there is no energy crisis in Kyrgyzstan. He advised those who think negatively to think good thoughts.

To date, the Toktogul hydropower plant generates 500 megawatts of electricity. According to the minister, it is planned to accumulate up to 13 billion cubic meters of water in the reservoir by October.

Journalist of 24.kg news agency looked at how the Toktogul reservoir and the strategic object itself — the hydropower plant — looks like today.

Bright water, majestic mountains. The view of the Toktogul reservoir is breathtaking. Employees of the hydropower plant say that the volume of water is gradually increasing, 10,876 billion cubic meters have accumulated there.

The surface area of ​​the reservoir is 284 square meters. It was formed by the dam of the Toktogul hydropower plant on Naryn river. The volume of the HPP basin is 19.5 cubic meters.

The repair and hardware units are located inside the mountain. Dozens of levels (floors), long gloomy corridors... It’s easy to get lost there. There is a strict passport regime at the entrance to the adjacent territory of the reservoir and the HPP itself.

Doskul Bekmurzaev and the employees of the hydropower plant themselves urge Kyrgyzstanis not to panic. They assure that there will be no problems with filling the reservoir and there is no need to worry about rolling blackouts.