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Kyrgyzstan develops Tourism Development Strategy until 2030

The draft Tourism Development Strategy for 2021-2030 has been drawn up in Kyrgyzstan. The Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy informed 24.kg news agency.

The document is undergoing approval procedure. «Our main task, according to the country’s development strategy for 2018-2040, is the development of sustainable tourism. First of all, we must think about passing an ecologically clean and safe country to our descendants. With the development of tourism sector as an important sector of the economy, we are simply obliged not to violate the rights of the future generation,» the Deputy Director of the department, Kiyal Kenzhematova, said.

She added that a lot of activities are aimed at the development of green tourism, introduction of green technologies. Banks and partners are involved in the development of the sector.

The President of the Association of Tour Operators Sergei Glukhoverov said yesterday that Kyrgyzstan has good chances to increase the flow of tourists after the coronavirus pandemic. However, many countries do not allow their citizens to travel, there are still lockdowns in some states. Due to the situation in the world, the flow of cultural tourists is not expected this year.