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Police receive another complaint against owner of La Maison restaurant

One more victim demands to prosecute owner of La Maison restaurant Philippe Lafforgue. The victim in the case Charles Leys told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, Philippe Lafforgue borrowed $ 110,000 from him in October 2019 and did not return.

«Philippe Lafforgue borrowed money from me earlier. At first, these were small amounts that he returned. Later he asked for $ 110,000 for three months to buy out the restaurant. The loan was interest-free. In addition, Philippe Lafforgue took a Mitsubishi Delica car from me. We drew up a loan agreement, according to which he was supposed to return the money in January 2020, but he has not returned it yet,» said Charles Leys.

The foreigner wrote a statement to the Bishkek Main Department of Internal Affairs. The fact was registered under the article «Fraud» of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic.

A criminal case for fraud has already been initiated against a citizen of France Philippe Lafforgue. According to the investigation, in 2017, Philippe Lafforgue met some man and asked him for a loan. He gave a large sum. Philippe Lafforgue allegedly did not return the money.