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Tonmurun mountain pass opened for traffic in Kyrgyzstan

Tonmurun mountain pass is open for traffic. Deputy Director of the Road Facilities Department of the Ministry of Transport of Kyrgyzstan Beknazar Bazaraliev told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, employees of the Road Operations Institution No. 960 completely cleared the road by midnight.

«There was a lot of snow on the pass, and the road to China passes through it. The traffic is not heavy, but we decided to close it in order to clear it. There were 10 heavy trucks left at Irkeshtam, 11 were driving towards the border when they were stopped. The road was opened at midnight, the drivers decided to go from Irkeshtam to Osh. They were accompanied by our road construction equipment. There is always a blizzard, the duty transport is constantly working there,» he noted.