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Japarov’s decree: Media should promote traditional values

President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov signed a decree on spiritual, moral development and physical education of an individual.

It is noted that it was adopted to support the most important direction of domestic policy — education of citizens through mastering high moral standards, traditional family and social values, a healthy lifestyle, introduction to the system of common human values ​​that reflect the wealth, originality and unity of the cultures of the peoples of Kyrgyzstan.

The decree recommends the media to promote the values ​​of traditional society, the family ideals, a healthy lifestyle, love for the Fatherland and service to the people, as well as to promote a positive image of the country at the international level.

The Government must, by June 1, 2021, develop and introduce a concept on spiritual and moral development and physical education of an individual, revise all existing regulatory, conceptual, program documents in this area for their inventory and harmonization with the developed concept.

At the same time, Sadyr Japarov believes that when developing a concept, it is necessary to take into account the priorities of spiritual and moral motives of life behavior over material interests, public and state interests over individual interests and their non-opposition. In addition, the President considers the priority of the principle of justice in the decisions, actions of state and local authorities and their officials as important.

The prestige and value of the status of educators, teachers, doctors and military personnel as the basis of the state and society should be emphasized.

The concept should spell out patriotism, valor, love and service to the people and the Fatherland of the entire state and municipal service.

To increase the level of people’s confidence in government agencies, local governments, their officials, the Cabinet of Ministers should develop new requirements for state and municipal service. Officials must become an example in observance of the Constitution and laws, conscientious performance of official and official duties, and must also listen to the people and express their opinions and demands.

People from among the most qualified, highly moral and with an impeccable reputation should be hired to the state and municipal service.

Culture, education, science and sports bodies are recommended to ensure compliance of the education system with traditional cultural, spiritual, moral and family values, as well as to create conditions for the physical, mental, social, spiritual and moral development of citizens, primarily children, including children in difficult life situations.

Sadyr Japarov considers it important to include ethical, aesthetic and physical education subjects in the educational standards.

In addition, conditions must be created «for detection and development of creative abilities of everyone, fostering industriousness and high moral principles, forming the skills of self-education and self-realization of an individual.»

It is necessary to increase the civil-patriotic education of the younger generation by means of physical culture and sports, as well as to ensure equal opportunities for citizens to engage in physical culture and sports, including the people with disabilities.

Local governments were recommended to take measures to implement state policy in the field of spiritual and moral development, patriotic and physical education and to organize and conduct on an ongoing basis events aimed at spiritual and moral development and physical education of the population.