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Snow avalanches possible on mountain passes in Kyrgyzstan

Drivers must have snow chains due to unstable weather from January 22 through January 24. Press service of the Ministry of Transport of Kyrgyzstan reports.

The ministry asks not to drive into the oncoming lane in case of a traffic jam and not to obstruct arrival of special equipment for scattering inert anti-slip materials at the traffic jam area.

«All these precautions will help to avoid formation of artificial traffic jams and spending many hours on the passes during a snow storm. Before driving to the mountain pass areas, drivers are asked to read the weather forecast and, if a storm warning is announced, refrain from driving. If you nevertheless left for the mountain pass areas, keep a distance of 500 meters between the vehicles,» the Ministry of Transport noted.

The ministry also warns of possible avalanches from January 22 to January 24 on the roads: Ala-Buka — Zhanybazar — Kirovka, on Chapchima pass and in Karakysmak gorge, Krasnaya Gorka — Ak-Tash, Myrza-Ake — Kara-Kulzha — Alaikuu.

«At the moment, all the necessary equipment and workers are available on Too-Ashuu, Ala-Bel, Kok-Bel, Otmok, Chapchima and other passes. Employees work as usual and ensure safe travel in all mountainous areas and along all highways. In connection with the expected precipitation, congestion and traffic jams may form at the following pass sections: Too-Ashuu, Ala-Bel, Kok-Bel, Otmok, Chapchima,» the Ministry of Transport said.