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Vladimir Putin about situation in Kyrgyzstan: There is constant reshuffling

«There is a constant reshuffling in Kyrgyzstan,» the Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a traditional press conference.

He was asked about the anniversary of the CIS, the crisis in Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Moldova, and whether he fears that Russia will lose allies.

You say that this is a middle-age crisis — but this reshuffling is constantly happening in Kyrgyzstan. All the time they are running ahead in attempts to rebuild internal political life according to the patterns of Western countries.

Vladimir Putin

«But the level of political consciousness, the development of political institutions there is not the same as, for example, in France. In the countries of the post-Soviet space — where is it all? It is not that we have come to the brink edge. The events taking place in the CIS are a search for their own way,» he said.