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Bishkek hosts New Year fair of creative gifts

New Year fair of creative gifts takes place in Bishkek.

Resident and guests of the capital can purchase a present for their loved ones and relatives at the Gapar Aitiev Museum of Fine Arts. According to an artist Manshuk Esdaulet, the event is held in an unusual format.

«It seemed to us that the idea of ​​holding a fair in a museum is tempting, because in addition to the permanent exposition, interesting temporary exhibitions of our talented artists are held there. This is a unique opportunity for citizens to choose gifts for themselves and their loved ones slowly, with pleasure, tastefully and in a cultural environment,» Manshuk Esdaulet said.

The artist said that the event was organized to support craftsmen who were left without work due to the coronavirus pandemic.

«2020 was a hard year for everyone, for craftsmen as well. Previously, tourists bought our products, but due to quarantine this year they could not come. There were few sales, and many were a little discouraged. But we decided that the crisis is the right time for creativity, and we organized the fair together with colleagues,» she added.

In order to take part in the fair, you need to buy ticket for the museum for 40 soms. The event will last until December 16.