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Evgeny Vinokurov: Kyrgyzstan conducts adequate public debt policy

«There is now a serious discontent in Kyrgyzstan over the level of debt. But we, as experts, are inclined to believe that the government as a whole is conducting a correct and adequate policy,» Chief Economist of the Eurasian Development Bank Evgeny Vinokurov told reporters on the sidelines of the First Eurasian Congress.

According to him, the state debt of the Kyrgyz Republic increased in 2020 and will slightly increase in 2021. But then it will reduce.

«Debt is stable, preferential and comfortable. Kyrgyzstan did not enter the commercial lending market. All its debt is concessional, at low interest rates and for a long time. The country’s debt position does not cause serious concerns, despite the fact that the amount is considerable. We have to look not at its size, but at what is «inside»,» Evgeny Vinokurov stressed.