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Norm obliging foreign citizens to pay taxes included in Constitution

A norm obliging foreign citizens to pay taxes was included in the draft of the new version of the Constitution of Kyrgyzstan. It was announced at a meeting of the section «Rights, freedoms and duties of person and citizen.»

Article 53 of Chapter VI «Rights and obligations of citizen» stipulates that citizens of Kyrgyzstan are obliged to pay taxes and fees in accordance with the law. A similar norm was in the Article 55 of the current Constitution.

The members of the constitutional convention introduced additions and clarifications to the article, and now it sounds like this:

Citizens, foreign citizens and legal entities are obliged to pay taxes and fees in the cases and in the manner prescribed by law.

Working groups and a secretariat have been established for an effective work of the constitutional convention. The members of the convention work in three sections «Fundamentals of the constitutional system», «Rights, freedoms and duties of person and citizen» and «State Authorities».