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Ombudsman urges politicians to find strength to cope with personal grievances

«Stop heating up the situation! Find the strength to cope with personal grievances and reciprocal claims,» Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan, Tokon Mamytov, called on politicians.

According to him, these are the politicians who bear the full responsibility for the future of Kyrgyzstan now and for whether people will be able to believe not only politicians, their assurances and promises, but also the state as a whole!

«But if you cannot find a peaceful and common language with each other, then how will you defend the interests of the people and the state? How will you develop the country’s economy and improve the lives of its citizens, if there is no agreement and understanding between you?» Tokon Mamytov addressed.

According to him, the events that took place the previous evening drew an extreme line, beyond which Kyrgyzstan will no longer be an independent sovereign state. The situation threatens to slide to the point of no return. If we don’t stop now, then there will no longer be a single state, everything that the ancestors managed to achieve over the past century will be crossed out. The country is now at a dangerous edge, beyond which there is only chaos and devastation.

«To prevent this, the still legitimate body of state power — the Parliament of the 6th convocation — needs to clearly realize its full responsibility for the future of Kyrgyzstan and all its citizens. Deputies need to get together in full force and approve the new government, as well as show wisdom and correctness in order to build a strong bridge of understanding between opposing political forces, associations and parties. Today, as never before, the people of Kyrgyzstan need your responsibility to all citizens of the republic and to the future of our Motherland,» Tokon Mamytov said.