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Alexander Lukashenko urges not to compare events in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan

It is absolutely unprofessional to compare events in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan, said the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting on topical issues at the Independence Palace. BelTA reports.

He reminded of the military clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh and the next internal political crisis in Kyrgyzstan. According to Lukashenko, signs of external control are clearly visible in all these events, like in the unrealized Belarusian scenario.

“It is customary now to compare the events in Belarus (a failed coup) with a “successful” coup in Kyrgyzstan. I must admit that this is an absolutely unprofessional comparison and we should not draw parallels here. The only thing that is appropriate is a statement about what we can have, using the example of the Caucasus and the Central Asian country which has almost the same size as Belarus. Everything else cannot be compared in any case,” the head of state stressed.

Alexander Lukashenko added that Belarus was kept from such events by “the vertical of power so harshly criticized by our opponents”.     

“There is no such vertical there. This is what some politicians in Belarus are striving for. They want to divide the country according to party lines in such a way. Here you go - the president has practically no powers there. Therefore, do not blame him for this. They have a situation around the mid-1990s in Belarus. This is what our yesterday's political opponents are calling for: let's return the 1994 Constitution. This is the result - there is already the third coup,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

According to him, other problems have been added to the weak power vertical in Kyrgyzstan: clan struggle, oligarchy, and excessive corruption. “These are all concomitants of anarchy. If there is no power - tomorrow there will be clans, oligarchs who will carve up the country and constantly divide it. What is most dangerous, such consequences cannot be excluded by any country, including us. The seizure of power is an immediate division of property, not only state property, but also private property. No state should allow this to happen,” the president said.

Another reason why such events that happened in Kyrgyzstan are impossible in Belarus, according to Alexander Lukashenko, is the absence of prerequisites for classical revolutionary sentiments, the head of state noted.