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An-26 military plane crashes near Kharkiv, cadets killed

An An-26 military aircraft crashed during landing in Kharkiv Oblast of Ukraine. Cadets of the country’s Air Force University were on board. According to the latest data, 25 people died. There were 27 people on board in total. BBC reports.

According to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the An-26 crash occurred during a training flight.

Two injured were hospitalized with severe extensive burns. The Governor of the Kharkiv Oblast, Aleksey Kucher, said that the pilot had reported failure of the left engine before the crash. «There was a notification from the pilot that the left engine failed, as I understand it,» he said and added that several victims had managed to leave the plane.

An-26 was developed by the Soviet Antonov Design Bureau. The passenger modification of the An-26-100 with a capacity of up to 43 people is also in operation.