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UN in Kyrgyzstan notes positive dynamics in fight against COVID-19 pandemic

The UN in Kyrgyzstan made a statement on the Day of Mourning for the victims of pneumonia and coronavirus.

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven globally that it is more than a health crisis, the statement says.

«It has hit hardest particularly the most vulnerable groups of our society starting from the elderly people who represent our memory and the roots who make those youngest to stand strong, but also the women, people with disabilities, and, of course, our health workers who with professionalism, generosity and courage accomplish their duties every day to save many lives,» the organization says.

The UN noted a positive dynamic in the fight against COVID-19 as numbers slowly began to go down.

«We can build back faster and better to achieve sustainable development and therefore resilience against future challenges. The UN system stands in solidarity with the people of Kyrgyzstan and together we will persist through these darkest days,» UN says.