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Residents of Chui region hold rally in Bishkek demanding land transformation

Residents of Alamedin and Sokuluk districts of Chui region of Kyrgyzstan are holding rally for the third day near the building of the Parliament in Bishkek.

Protesters demand transformation of land. They presented documents for the land plots where they cannot build houses.

According to Sagyndyk Kozubekov, the authorities forced people to hold the rally, and some even had to spend the night near the Parliament building.

«We all bought these land plots legally, there is a state act. Documents for the land plots of four hundred square meters each were issued to thousands of people. Citizens have made the foundation, brought crushed stone, stones. This is private land, what the owners will do with it is their own business. The government is fooling us — at first they gave the land for construction, and in 2015 canceled their own decree. The Justice Ministry, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Government are playing with us,» Sagyndyk Kozubekov said.

The protest participant noted that people demand from the deputies to transform the land before they have recess.

«We have also protested before quarantine. We had to temporarily stop protests, and now we are forced to hold the rally in masks again,» Sagyndyk Kozubekov told.