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Kyrgyzstani injured during conflict with residents of Sokh enclave passes away

Aitbai Akynov, a resident of Chechme village, Kadamdzhai district of Kyrgyzstan, who suffered during a conflict between residents of the Uzbek Sokh enclave, died today. His relatives confirmed the information to 24.kg news agency.

According to them, Aitbai Akynov was hospitalized after clashes between residents of the two countries on May 31 to Aidarken hospital.

«On May 31, when the villagers held a community cleanup at the spring, Aitbai Akynov brought them food. At this time, a skirmish began. He could not immediately leave the scene. He was taken away from there later to the hospital. Doctors of the hospital confirmed that he had a stroke. The man was in a coma for 10 days. He died today without regaining consciousness,» his relatives said.

The deceased was 49 years old, he had three children.

An incident occurred in the border region on May 31 that began with a skirmish between residents of two villages. Each of the parties claimed that Chechme spring belonged to them. At least 25 people were injured during the conflict, condition of two of them was assessed as grave.