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Government approves algorithm of entry of foreign specialists into Kyrgyzstan

An algorithm has been approved for interaction between government agencies on the issue of coordinating entry of foreign specialists into the country within the framework of labor migration quotas for 2020. Press service of the Cabinet of Ministers reported.

The decision was made at a meeting of the Republican Emergency Response Center.

According to the Vice Prime Minister Erkin Asrandiev, on the one hand, Kyrgyzstan is interested in foreign specialists coming to the country and starting important work. On the other hand, repeated penetration of the virus into the republic should not be allowed.

Up to date, 203 applications have been accepted in the field of industry, 3 — in agriculture, 469 — in road construction.

«The necessary documents are being drawn up, with the help of which foreign citizens can obtain a visa for work in the Kyrgyz Republic,» the Government added.